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Charting Local Trends

Where Is Our Market Today?
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Please note that the figures used in these statistical graphs are the result of averaging numbers related to the homes sold each month within the counties covered by the REALTOR® ASSOCIATION OF SOUTHWESTERN ILLINOIS which include St. Clair, Clinton, Randolph, Macoupin, Madison, and Monroe counties. For state-wide statistical information please visit the ILLINOIS ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® website at

Where is the most activity each month?
The REALTOR® ASSOCIATION OF SOUTHWESTERN ILLINOIS’ County Sales pie chart breaks down how many home sales are contributed by each county.
Per Square Foot, on average how much does the price drop before a home sells?
The Price/Sqft graph is a good visualization of how much the price of a home may drop before it sells. Each line on the graph above represents the average price per square foot over the last 6 months.
What has been trend for the average/median home price for homes sold in the last 6 months?
The Sales & Pricing graph shows the trend of average and median home prices as well as the number of homes sold over the last 6 months.
How many homes have been sold Year-To-Date compared to previous years?
The REALTOR® ASSOCIATION OF SOUTHWESTERN ILLINOIS’ Unit Sales and Volume chart represents the number of homes sold Year-To-Date for the last 4 years, as well as the total Year-To-Date dollar amount for those sold homes.
How accurate have the listing prices of sold homes been compared to their final sales price?
The graph of the Sales/List Sell Ratio divulges quite a bit of information. Looking at the green bar graph, you can see how many homes were sold for the last 6 months. The yellow line graph denotes how much of the final list price is made up of the actual sale price. The blue line is similar to the yellow line graph, but considers the original list price instead of the final list price. The accuracy of a list price increases as these percentages approach 100%, meaning the original and/or final list price had to have been extremely close to the actual sale price. The closer the percentages are to 100% also indicates how skilled REALTORS® are at assisting in setting a listing price.