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Professional Standards

Code of Ethics

It’s important to understand that not all real estate licensees are required to adhere to the Code of Ethics established by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). Only individuals actively holding REALTOR® membership ARE required to abide by the seventeen (17) Articles that together comprise the Code of Ethics. The high level of professionalism NAR mandates is one of the greatest distinguishing factors between real estate licensees and REALTORS®.

Filing A Code of Ethics Complaint

The REALTOR® Association of Southwestern Illinois (RASI) is responsible for providing a complaint process to anyone believing to have witnessed a REALTOR® member of RASI in violation of the Code of Ethics.

Before You File an Ethics Complaint

Code of Ethics Complaint Form

2017 Code of Ethics

If you decide to file a complaint, please return the completed Code of Ethics Complaint Form with a letter explaining the alleged violation(s), and any supporting documents and/or photos to the REALTOR® Association of Southwestern Illinois located at 1124 Hartman Lane, Shiloh, IL 62221.  Please keep in mind that your alleged violation should be against an Article of the Code of Ethics and that while RASI’s Grievance Committee will be unable to assist you in determining which Article(s) to list on the complaint form, they are available to provide assistance in preparing a proper complaint.

Note: There is no fee to file an ethics complaint.

The Grievance Panel’s Role

After the complaint is filed, a Panel of the Grievance Committee will review your complaint to determine if the allegations made, if taken as true, might support a violation of the Article(s) cited in the complaint.

The Grievance Panel may forward the complaint as filed for a hearing before a Panel of the Professional Standards Committee; they may amend the complaint, either adding or dismissing Article(s) alleged to have been violated; or they may dismiss the complaint in its entirety.

When Does a Professional Standards Committee Get Involved? 

In the event the Grievance Panel decides there is the possibility of a violation of the Code of Ethics, a Professional Standards Panel will convene to hear the complaint with both complainant and respondent attending. The Professional Standards Panel will then decide whether to dismiss the charges or impose the appropriate disciplinary action to be taken against the REALTOR®, if an ethical violation has occurred.  No monetary damages are awarded by a Professional Standards Panel. However, a fine may be imposed.

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